The Shining 1980 hd Full Torrent

The Shining 1980 hd Full Torrent

The Shining 1980


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The family goes to a secluded hotel for the winter, where a creepy presence influences the father in violence, while his psychological son sees horrible predictions from the past and the future.
Author Stanley Kubrick:
Stephen King (based on the novel), Stanley Kubrick (screenwriter) A passionate and intoxicated author, Jack Torrance is going through a group of persistent writers and dragging his wife Wendy and his talented son, Danny to a dilapidated and comfortable Colorado hotel after being rented out of season . Although the cave was closed for the season, manager Jack made a big visit, and the head of the restaurant, the elderly Mr. The Gentlemen 2019 Hallorann, had a lively conversation with Danny about the rare psychic gift called “Shining”, and made sure he warned him about the abandoned hotel room, and especially about the unlimited room 237. Instead of overcoming the gloomy creative path, Jack began to lose his head, falling into a seemingly endless snowstorm environment, and a lonely prison of monsters, shrouded in strange events and terrifying sightings. A relentless voice in Jack’s head begged for sacrifice. Is Jack capable of killing?.

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