Topaz Mask AI v1 AllieBear Torrent Download

Topaz Mask AI v1 AllieBear Torrent Download

Topaz Mask AI v1


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Manually making complex choices and refining them almost always takes more time than expected. Meet the Topaz Mask AI. Mask AI allows you to create complex masks in record time thanks to our intuitive machine learning technology and trimap technology. Less user entries for an extremely high quality mask has always been a photographer’s dream, and now you can get it with Mask AI.


How we simplified masking

Compared to Photoshop, Mask AI doesn’t need a tedious brush to get a high-quality mask. And there is no need to learn complex icons and tools. With Mask AI you only need to sketch your motif in blue, fill in what you want to cut with one click, fill in what you want to save with one click and press Compute Mask. It’s really that simple. Our neural network is trained to distinguish healthy edges, so you can get a good mask on the first try.

Masking is easy for all types of photos

Mask AI includes machine learning for a more precise mask with less scrubbing!

Mask the unique Trimap AI technology

It can be difficult to make a good cut in Photoshop, and it can take a lot of work. The intuitive color-coded system Mask AI reduces it to four simple steps: save, cut, calculate and replace.

Budget brush.

Just draw a blue line around the edges of what you want to calculate. The best part is that you don’t have to be perfect, just a few objects and the immediate area you want to mask. Our technology will make it easier to lift loads.
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Precision brush

Our intelligent brushes (Cut, Keep and Compute) use our technology and allow you to make clean and precise improvements without the pressure of perfect painting. Our machines will make decisions for you and speed up your work!

Pull to become perfect. Use the end sliders to quickly clean the mask. The Edge Softness slider is useful if you want to add more sharpness to a rocky landscape or perhaps the soft edges of a portrait.

Edge softness slider

Useful if you want to add more sharpness to a rocky landscape or perhaps soften the edges of a portrait.

Edge slider

Moves the edge of the mask in both directions.

Slider in the foreground for reset

It revives the color of your foreground on weaker or more transparent areas. This can be a good tool for fur, mustache or weak hair.

Protection slider

Paint the edges of the mask to help stain and bleed.

Change the background to finish.

To be a good photographer, there are a number of techniques and tools at your disposal. You planned and executed with military precision to achieve the bullet. But when nature gives you less than a perfect sky or an unwanted background, replace the background with masked artificial intelligence so you can regain control of the work.

Heavy masks are lightened with an AI mask

Flying hair. Pera. Fur. Willow tree. There will always be complex masking tasks, but with Mask AI machine learning technology you will never bother with details. Our app will boot hard!.

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